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1 pcs Legend Age Advanced Hydrating mark


LEGEND AGE 3 in 1 Lipstick (Lip Mask+Lip Balm+Lipsticks)

Legend Age Lipstick creates your own unique lip colour that is never the same as anybody else's. It reduces fine lines around lips, improves lips colour, repair dry and cracked lips. The result of long-term use is moisturised, supple and healthy lips.ll ingredients in the lipstick are food-grade and safe for children and pregnant women. It is not a make up product and therefore there is no need to remove it before each meal or before bed. It is very convenient for daily use. It is a multifunctional lip care product that can be used as a lip balm, lipstick, lip mask and nipple mask.Legend Age Lipstick Main IngredientsBeeswax, plant extract, Vitamin E oil

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