How to use

The lipstick is considered as a lip care treatment product, can be used as a lipstick, a lip balm and a lip mask.

1. Using the lipstick 3 times per day after cleansing your lip is recommended, once each morning, noon and evening.

2. Using it as a lip mask before bedtime will give you the best results for repairing and coloraturas reviving 


IMG_9726 2.JPG

1. Do not place the product in a high temperature environment such as direct sunlight, close to the body, or in a car to avoid melting of the paste; if receive the product in hot weather, put it in the refrigerator with LOGO side up for 5 minutes before using.
2. To avoid breaking or deformation because of the soft paste, please twist up just 1 cm and apply to lips gently.
3. Slight "fogging" and "small pores" of the lipstick are normal phenomena, please rest assured to use.