Main Ingredients



Natural Imported Beeswax: Beeswax is a fatty substances secreted by worker bees. Beeswax has excellent adhesion, permeability, and smoothness. Natural beeswax should appear yellow to brown yellow in color.

There are three advantages for choosing a lipstick containing natural beeswax:

1. Moisturizes lips and reduces fine lines;

2. High permeability allows lip skin to breathe, activates cell growth, and promotes faster metabolism;

3. Reduces inflammation, strengthens lip skin’s natural defense system, and improves its ability to self-repair.

Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E Oil: a natural and powerful antioxidant, VE is one the essential vitamins in human body.The Vitamin E Oil in our Lipstick is extracted from a large number of green plants’ seed germ. This type of Vitamin E can be easily absorbed by the skin to promote faster metabolism, prevent pigmentation, improve skin elasticity, moisturize skin around the lips, and slows down aging.

Plant Extract

Plant Extracts 

Plant extracts: contain rich palm oil, mango seed fat, sunflower seed oil, moisturises lip skin, improve lip colour, body-heat technology enhances lips natural colour, creates a colour that is unique to each user.

  • Palm oil: nicknamed “the liquid gold”, contains rich Vitamin E and trienol tocopherol, carotenoid, linoleic acid, it has lots of health benefits for human body.

  • mango seed fat: contains rich carotene, Vitamin C, helps to moisturize skin.

  • sunflower seed oil: contains lots of unsaturated fatty acids including linoleic acid that are necessary for the human body, protects skin health. 

Legend Age Lipstick does not contain added artificial pigments, lead and mercury, and paraffin. Paraffin decreases breathability of lip skins. Long-time use of lipstick containing paraffin can cause lip discoloration.