How to use the Legend Age Lipstick as a lip mask:

  1. Clean your lips and put on several layers of the Lipstick

  2. Wrap your lips with cling film

  3. Wait 10-15 minutes

  4. Take off the wrap to reveal soft, smooth, nourished, and cherry pink lips!

  5. No need to wash it off.


Dry Lip

Lip Mask


★★ It is similar to a face mask, but this is for your lips. It helps to exfoliate aging surface that soften lips and allows better absorption of nutrients which moistures the lips, lightens dark lips and treat hyperpigmentation.  

★★ Legend Age lipstick is made out of natural beeswax, Vitamin E Oil and plant extract. One lipsmask treatment is equal to 10 times the effect of other brands of lipstick and the optimal time to repair lips at night.  

★★ Hence, we encourage you to use the lips mask more often to have a fresh looking and healthy lips.

Fresh looking and healthy lip