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Legend Age Healthy Lipstick

Natural and Healthy Lipstick

The Legend Age 3 in 1 lipstick is a multifunctional lip care product that cam be used lip balm, lip mask and lipstick. Wish it heat detection technology, the lipstick creates a lip colour that is unique each user. Your own unique lip colour that is never the same as anybody else's. It reduces fine lines around lips, improves lips colour, repair dry and cracked lips. The result of long-term use is moisturised, supple and healthy lips are the result of long-term use.
All ingredients in the lipstick are food-grade and safe for children and pregnant women. It is not a make up product and therefor, there is no need to remove it before each meal or before bed. It is very convenient for daily use. 
Legend Age Lipstick was introduced to consumers in 2008 and has been tested and loved by the cosmetic market for more than 10 years.



Legend Age Lipstick exceeds all safety standards in USA, Germany and Singapore

Legend Age Lipstick safety reports conducted by SGS based on German Healthy and safety standard. 

Legend Age Lipstick safety reports conducted by Chemical Laboratory in Singapore

Legend Age Lipstick safety reports conducted by SGS office located in Vancouver, Canada.

Safe Cosmetics Australia certified Legend Age Lipstick 

Test Reports


Legend Age History


The Legend Age brand was introduced to the Chinese market with a line of professional skin care products. 


The Legend Age Lipstick was introduced to the Chinese market. It was a breakthrough in traditional cosmetics, because one lipstick can create thousands of colors unique to each individual user. The lipstick is FREE of mineral oils, alcohol, fragrance, heavy metal, hormone, preservatives, antibiotics, artificial pigments, lead, mercury, and whitening agents.


All ingredients in the lipstick were upgraded to food-grade level.

Fucheng Global Holding Co LTD

Jan 2018 

The Faith Inc halted production on all products in the Legend Age brand except the lipstick to dedicate all energy, money, and time on one single product. 

Feb 2018

Popular Chinese star Jennifer Shu wore and brought the lipstick to attend the Tadashi Shoji fashion show in New York Fashion Week.


 The Faith Inc moved into a new company headquarter and built a brand new factory dedicated to the production of the Legend Age Lipstick.


The Legend Age Lipstick began marketing and selling on social media (i.e. WeChat). 


Chinese movie star Lan Qin, was hired as the spokesperson for the Legend Age Lipstick. 

March 2017 

The lipstick passed the Toxicological Risk Assessment made by the SGS group, a global authorized testing company based in Switzerland, based on standards set by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

June 2017

The lipstick passed the Heavy Metal Risk Assessment of the SGS group based on the top test standards of the BgA (Ministry of Healthy of Germany). 

May 12 2017

The lipstick was advertised on the Nasdaq Buiding in Time Square of New York City.

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